Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just as good the second time around...

We headed south from Cody and headed for Colorado. We were actually planning on staying in Cheyenne (which I like to pronounce as chien-like dog in french) a night, but after Kelly talked to RJ and he said we could get to Denver a lot sooner than we thought we figured we might as well giv'er and get down there. No point in paying to spend the night somewhere when we have friends close by. And we were heading there anyways...

Aurora is always a good time. I say that like I've visited there a million times, but I guess the company is what makes the difference. So we arrived a day early. We crashed again. A whole day of driving wipes you out!

Friday was pretty relaxing...well for RJ anyways. After a massage from Kel he got a short one from me, but it soon turned into me doing his hair all pretty. lol. He quite enjoyed it, and it was actually his idea. Later we went to the Movie Tavern and watched 'The Hangover', which by the way is hilarious. So hilarious! Especially since we had just been in Vegas. We didn't just watch the movie, we got to eat too! It's not like a normal theatre, half the seats, big comfy chairs and a menu with good food and drinks!

The boys went to a wedding that night and Katie and I hung out at the house, put together some videos, hung out with their roomate Cassara and drank some wine. We only remembered RJ's warning about drinking in altitude the morning after...if you're not used to it, it'll kick you in the ass A LOT quicker than you think!

Saturday night was just as fun. After a day of movie after movie after movie, 'Fired Up' is a great flick by the way. 'Fired Up' is actually really funny. I thought it was gonna be another stupid movie, but it was another stupid movie that was actually funny. We decided to try our hand out at our own gymnastics! RJ and I had handstand contests, although I'm not sure we were really competing, but that quickly turned into then pairs! YES! I finally got to be a pairs skater. That was my dream my whole skating career but I was too tall! RJ and I had the most amazing lift and I am so proud! Thank god RJ is big enough and strong enough to lift me so smoothly! :D

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