Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rodeo in the Rain

Cody, Wyoming. We arrived in the rain, we played in the rain, and we slept in the rain. I guess that whole theory of 'we bring the sun with us wherever we go' isn't so true anymore. lol. Well we are the sunshine...just sometimes mother nature has to do it's thang, yes?

It rained and rained and rained, but that didn't stop Kel and I from having a good time. When we were in Billings we picked up a brochure for the Cody Rodeo. Said there was a rodeo every night in the summer. I think that's the only reason we choose Cody to stay the night over alllll the other cities in Wyoming. lol. But it was a good choice! The rodeo was a lot of fun and got us pumped for the Calgary Stampede!

We camped at a place called Ponderosa something or other. The man who checked us in reminded me a bit of David Koechner, the sportscaster in the movie Anchorman with Will Ferrell. He was bald, very animated and loved to talk. He was pretty excited that we were all the way from Ontario, as most people are, and that we were so gung ho about the rodeo and Cody!

In the morning we had breakfast at The Irma, which is a really old hotel downtown Cody. It's very western and very cool! And had a lot of character. If ever there I suggest checking it out. A lot of the stuff downtown is still original, but with obvious maintenance and upgrades. Lots of log/wood cabins and stores and faded signs on the tops of buildings. Irma's or 'The Irma' as they call it is the original hotel/saloon of Buffalo Bill (one of them western peoples I need to learn about someday).
We then headed south and made a stop in Douglas for an oil change. Ok, so we get there and there are these rabbits with antlers...everywhere! Not real ones, but there are statues and posters and even designs of them on the bridges and benches. I had no idea what the hell they were or better yet WHY they were plastered all over this town. I later found out that they are jackalopes. And they are supposedly mythical creatures. You should read up about it on Wikipedia because it's actually quite interesting and funny. Anyways, long story short, today they are mostly used to play tricks on tourists (haha, it worked!) President Reagan apprently started the joke when he mounted a jackalope on his wall and claimed he killed it. Obviously a fake. Douglas, Wyoming just so happens to be the 'Home of the Jackalope' and they even give out hunting licences to tourists. Hunting season is only one day of the year. haha. And get this, in Rock Springs there have been sightings of real jackelopes. Not sure about that, but who knows!!
Funny, I had a dream about a jackalope last night...haha.

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