Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dead Prezzies and a Crazy Horse!

The Black Hills is a beautiful part of the states. Lots of wild west history like Wild Bill, Calamity Jane, Colonel Custard and the Lakotas...I liked the Black Hills A LOT! Good energy.

Our first stop was Crazy Horse. The biggest rock sculpture in the world (no where near finished) in honour of the Native American Crazy Horse. The monument is meant to honour all Native Americans and their culture. The laser show was sick.

Our second stop was, well technically, the Flintsontes parking lot! I had to see it. You could actually go in the park but I think you had to pay and I didn't want to spend any money. lol. Plus the parking lot was entertaining enough. But after that it was Mount Rushmore aka. Dead Prezzies as per Katie. Little did we know that the sculpture isn't even finished, nor will it ever be because the rock under George W will collapse if anything else is blasted from it....Poor Honest Abe's head isn't even totally sculpted...he's still hiding in the rock.

We scooted out to the Badlands for a quick tour (so HOT!) and the entire way there we kept seeing these signs for Wall Drugs...well this place had to be a superstore because each sign had something different...well, it was! Ya, it pretty much had evrything. Even fake mounted Jackelope heads.

I wanted to take a quick cruise through Deadwood...I think the Universe wanted otherwise cuz I got pulled over for speeding...woops. I really had no idea I was going as fast as I was, but Officer Ken on the other hand, did. He was really cool. He took me back to the cruiser and did all the paper work...which was only a warning THANK GOD! And I asked him about what the codes were he was calling in. He was checkin' to see if I was wanted in the state or in the country...turns out I'm not. lol. If it weren't for him, we never would have found the cemetary where Wild Bill and Calamity Jane were buried! Divine intervention...ya ok. We got out of Deadwood pretty fast. Maybe I was a cowboy in a past life and that was my karma...hmm.

The next day we hit the road towards Saskatchewan...through North Dakota. It's not the long and winding road out's the long straight, uninhabited road out there! We got goofy after seeing like the 50th herd of cattle....but the fresh air was good and the view was endless.

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