Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Calgary Stampede...Day 1

We got up really early with no clue how to get downtown for the parade. We ended up taking the bus right downtown a block from the parade route and parked ourself on a corner where we had a great view of everything! Katie and I decked out in our 'new to us' cowboy boots...hehe...we looked and felt like real cowgirls! Value Village has a great selection of cowboy boots...well in Alberta anyway. But of course you must clean them before wearing. This is important.

Thing about Calgary is that a good chunk of people from home relocated out there so we were expecting to run into a few people we knew, but when we ran into Kara, we were pretty surprised! We grew up figure skating with Kara and her sisters...one of which now plays for Team Canada, Meghan Agosta. That was just the start of our little Leamington reunion...we knew a few of them were out there, but some were entirely unexpected!

Apparently we were so captivated at the rodeo that we didn't take any pictures or video of the bucking horse or bull riding. It was awesome! IT WAS THE BEST PART!! lol. But yes, wayyy to into it to even think about snapping any pics. Our friend Cheyenne's brother was one of the bull riders! He didn't do so well the first day, but the second day I guess he kicked a$$.

Nashville North was also awesome. Met up with Kenny and Jarod again...man...let's just say it was A LOT of fun! Kenny's got moves I've never seen! (I'm sure no one has ever or will ever see those moves again!) Well he's now on youtube so everyone can see them! hah! Luv ya cuz!

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