Tuesday, March 17, 2009

$1 Coronitas!

Well let's just say they don't celebrate St. Patty's on the west coast like they do back home! Katie and I were out and about looking for a good time just after lunch and to our disappointment there was like NO ONE out celebrating this glorious day! There was only a small amount of people even dressed in green! It was strange compared to what I'm used to. lol

We headed right down to the beach and bummed around in the sand for a bit and then decided it was time to take our little party somewhere else and start the party there. We hit up a bar called Cabo Cantina in Venice Beach and we parked it there all damn day! Didn't even move from our seats, we didn't have to! The party came to us!

At first it was a little slow. It was ok though. We occupied ourseleves by crushing on the hot bartender....he looked like Rob Lowe! mmmmm.....

Our first friend of the day was Brian. Relocated from Ohio, he was sporting a flashy green mullet, star sunglasses and a tonne of green beads! He was a pretty cool dude. He gave both Katie and I some beads. He was going to ask us to flash him, but figured noon was a little too early to expect anything to happen!! LOL. He also gave us clover stickers, a must for patty's day attire!

The playlist at the bar resembled something of a guitar hero playlist, which was cool, but hot bartender guy was getting a little sick of it so he gave me some free credit on the juke box and Nick, the extremely flamboyant guy who works at the shop on the corner, and I set up some great tunes for all 8 of us in the bar to listen to! Nick's choice of B.Spears was a great contrast to the heavy metal rock!

$1 Coronitas go down pretty damn quick and before we know it we're chumming around with tonnes of locals, getting drinks bought for us and dancing on the non-existent dancefloor....ok well at least I was!

Two girls in real short shorts wearing roller blades cruised into the bar. Katie and I thought they were a little amusing. Would have been kinda funny if one of the fell.....

Chris...who was sitting down the way noticed our expression as she rode out of the bar and called us on it. He was thinking the same thing though. LOL. Chris was the shit. It was his buddy's birthday. How wicked is that?! Your birthday on St. Patrick's day?! There was a whole posse of them at the bar so they hung out with us for a few hours! We had a friggin blast at that bar. And all we did was be ourselves! We just hung out in our little corner and chilled...we attracted the people to us! haha....well at least I think we did! We were the frickin party!

Dad showed up earlier on in the afternoon and then came back later in the day to find us no longer sipping on Cornitas, but sipping on the giant Coronas...care of Chris. He had a pimpin' hat! It wasn't long after that when we were distracted by the thought of pizza for dinner! And now it's not even 9pm and I'm ready to crash hard.

The walk home was quite eventful, and I must say I was quite intoxicated. But was having THE best time! hah! Venice Beach delivered an awesome day! Ended up being just as good as past Patty's days.I passed out as soon as I got back to the hotel room, but it was sooo worth it.



  1. the last video actually made me laugh out loud....and snort. good thing I watched it alone...."i have to fart..."

  2. hahaha oh D, i wish you were there!