Sunday, April 5, 2009

About three things I was absolutely positive...

...first, there was no way we were going to Washington and NOT visiting Forks, second, there was a part of me - and I'm not quite sure I know how strong that part is - that wished Edward Cullen actually existed and would be there, third, I was extremely excited and anxiously awaiting our arrival!

AH! Forks! For anyone who has read Twilight you will know exactly what this post is for as soon as you read the title. :D If you haven't read Twilight you may be lost, and you should read it!!!

We woke up on Friday after sleeping in our car for the second night in a row. It was cold and wet, but the day started off well. We thought we would get dressed, go to the bathroom and leave. But to our surprise there were people outside serving hot chocolate, tea, and chocolate brownies! At the rest stop!! lol. It was the best breakfast surprise ever! And the hot chocolate was delicious! Kel chatted with them and found out there's a waiting list for people to set up shop at the rest stop to serve drivers in the morning. It's all FREE too! Just donations if you wish. It was honestly the nicest surprise and from the nicest people!

With a whole day ahead of us and a great start to the morning it was only appropriate that we make our way to Forks, and keep up the good energy. So we did! The drive there was beautiful. Everything was green! The sun would shine off and on throughout the day, but there was a slight overcast, and it would start spitting randomly. The coast of Washington really is gloomy most of the time. lol. There are also a lot of little towns and simple living, much like Leamington and surrounding areas. But it was an awesome drive through the forest and it looked exactly like Stephenie Meyer described in the book!

Forks is basically the smallest town and there is nothing really to do there. Hiking is probably the only thing, and the forest, again, is beautiful! Our first stop was the visitor's centre where we saw Bella's truck. It wasn't the one from the movie but it's close enough. I usually compare things to the books anyway, they're way better! Kel and I were greeted by a woman who was very enthusiastic about Twilight and Forks! She gave us a map that was specifically made for Twilight fans. So we knew exactly where everything was! Perfect! She also talked as if the the Cullen's and Bella were real people living in Forks. I liked her! haha.

It was easy to find everything. We usually just followed the teenage girls with their cameras! lol. Lots of people,..well mostly females, of all ages, were in Forks to get the Twilight tour. It was quite funny actually. It's definitely blown up this small town!!

Of the many things we saw there, I have a few favourites...the sign at the hospital that was reserved for Dr. Cullen, it seemed real! I liked the sign on the motorcycle parked in the spot that read, "Give blood, date a Cullen!"And of course the Forks sign, obviously! And most definitely the Cullen house! It was really old and really cool!The Cullen house is actually a B&B and Esme writes a note every morning saying where they are. When we visited they were visiting Renee, Bella's mom, in Florida. haha. Thy're really into it! I think what I liked most though was seeing the actual place that Stephenie Meyer based her story on. The way she described things in her book is exactly the way it is. It's awesome! And then you start thinking about the story and how her vision came to life. It's quite inspiring actually to put yourself in her place as you go through Forks and wonder how she came up with such an amazing story from such a quaint town.

One thing is undeniable though, the forest is MAGIC and has lots of character! I could picture Edward running through the woods and Jacob with his tribe! For real, it's crazy!! I really think the forest is what attracts people to the area, it's hard to deny it. I think for me, because I saw the movie before I read the book, I do a lot of comparison to the movie and they were absolutely bang on with everything! I mean, the houses and buildings aren't the same as the movie, but are definitely in sync with the book, but the character and the tone that is set in the movie is absolutely perfect.

After Forks we made our way to the Quileute Reserve. Sooo gorgeous! La Push Beach was so amazing, the view was awesome! I'm so excited for the New Moon movie! It's gonna be sick!! AH!! Going to La Push was just the thing I needed to get me into the Jacob spirit! lol. And I can't wait for the cliff dives!

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  1. La Push Baby...LA PUSH!!!!

    :) I am so glad you got to go to Forks and the Quileute res!!!! It is too bad Edward's not real....he could have picked you up and ran you through the forest to get the best view in the world.
    love you both.