Monday, April 6, 2009

Where the *F* is my Kazoo and How do you spell B-I-Z-N-A-T-C-H?!?

After Kel and I were done fantacizing about Edward Cullen,..carrying us in the woods on his marble, rock hard body, looking into his topaz eyes, and listening to his smooth voice and smelling his sweet sweet scent... umm, ya I know he's not real. But a girl can dream! Oh he's real...we just haven't found him yet... :) Vancouver?

Anyways, after Forks it was time to hit up Seattle! We caught the Ferry just in time to make the trip over whatever-body-of-water-that-was to the city! We didn't spend much time there. Just to meet up with our hostess for the next couple days, Miss Jessica! And she's fabulous! And hilarious! We followed her all the way home which is actually about a 20 minute drive from the city. And the best part is she lives in the boonies! We have not yet stayed outside of a city or subdivision, besides camping, so it was awesome to see a great backyard, smell the fresh air, listen to silence, and see the amazing night sky! Oh and having a bed to sleep in instead of the car was good too. lol.

But before we hit the hay we partied at the local brewery, Redhook. Again, in Mullen fashion, we sampled every beer offered, and to our surprise they were all delicious!! Really did you expect anything else? Jessica's intuition and random actions have been absolutely perfect thus far!There was also an awesome band playing, Kris Orlowski, so there was clearly no other option but to stay. Great beer + great music + great company = a great night out!

Kris Orlowski is actually the name of the lead singer in the band and he's pretty cool. He came up to our table and gave us kazoo's! Anyone that just has kazoo's to give away is awesome in my books! I think pretty cool is a bit of an understatement. I've never been somewhere where the band actually talks to everyone in the bar! Talk about marketing....Throughout the night we played our kazoo's like it was the best sound in the world and enjoyed the music of Kris and his band. After the show Jessica offered our services to help the band clear out their equipment, so we did. Now we can actually tell people that at one point 'we were with the band'. While doing so we got to meet the rest of the band, Jason and Tim, his Mom, Nancy, and his Dad, Paul, who is Canadian btw, even though he thought for some reason he wasn't really. He was slightly intoxicated so that may have been why. None the less they were all very nice and fun people!

After we closed up the brewery we hung out with everyone at Daddy's. Katie and Jessica played pool and I chummed around with Pappa Dukes Orlowski. Very cool guy and Kris' mom Nancy, she's a doll. Proud parents! Kris gave us a list of cool things to check's signed on our CD cover...When he makes it big you'll all be jealous! lol.

Dad gave us a little inside scoop on the song Jessi. It was written about Kris' ex-girlfriend. He told us where she was from and we jokingly...well maybe not...asked for her address and gave him a napkin to write it down... from the mouth of Paul, "Um, how do you spell Biznatch?"LOL

Seattle has been fabulous so far! Can't wait to see what else it brings! We're house sitting with Jessica so I can only imagine the trouble we can get into!!! hehehe...

For more vids from this night click here.

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  1. That body of water you ferried across (Bremerton to Seattle) is also known as the Puget Sound....