Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Love for the Motherland...Canada

When we got back to Canada the first thing we did was hit up Tim Horton's. I know you've seen the video already, but what hit us wasn't the Ice Cap, but the accents and the unique culture of CNDs. We hadn't heard a CDN accent in months and especially one from the west. They are so much aboot :) We also really missed the people. Everyone is so damn nice! I love it! And everyone is very chill and relaxed, it's nice to be away from the fast pace of the US.

Once we got to Greg's we sat and watched TV and the first thing we watched was a replay of the Juno Awards...Canada's Music awards show. Talk about forgetting how awesome CDN music is and how awesome we are as a country. It's easy to get caught up in the hype of the US, but in all my time travelling down there I don't remember ever having the feeling of awe and inspiration and over all warm fuzzies I had when watching our country celebrate it's artists and musicians. Sam Roberts, Divine Brown, City and Colour, Simple Plan, The Tragically Hip and of course Bryan Adams, just to name a few. And, wow, I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I actually missed Canadian television! lol. A commercial for The Hour came on and I was so excited! And I love that Candians don't really care what they say on TV. It's so non-chalent. Even the award show was just like a joke. A good one though! lol. It's all about the music and none of that other bullsh*t.

And then sure as sh$* the hockey game came on shortly after! Hockey Night in Canada is a bloody religion. My apoligies to Ron McLean and Don Cherry for not keeping up with hockey and not watching coaches corner...I will do my best to make sure I see all of your snazzy outfits Don. Now that we are stable in Van for awhile we can catch up on what we've missed!

More things that I missed about Canada...
-the fact that I can use my debit card here and not have to take out money all the time
-knowing that your craving for Timmy's will be filled in a few short minutes no matter where you are or at what time
-the luxery of using my airmiles
-the trees
-and did I mention Tim Horton's? lol

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