Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Art of Housesitting...

Housesitting with Jessica has been awesome. Not only do Katie and I have our own beds (thank God!) (Thank god!) and bathroom, but we've pretty much had the place to ourselves. It's quiet, it's green, it was sunny, it wasn't a be honest, it reminds me of Magnetawan! A little taste of the cottage on the west coast!

Katie and I have been pretty low key the last few days, actually reading books and being all scholarly and stuff. "He's Just Not That Into You" is a great read btw! And athletic too! I think we could go pro at lawn darts. We've been practicing that, our trampoline skills, croquet, lawn darts and monkey bars; hell, we even had a catwalk to walk down... We got skills I tell ya. We weren't put here just to look pretty. Although we do that pretty well too. ;) We're Mullen girls...we can do anything. "We dig our own worms, we bait our own hooks...."

I've got to be completely honest though. Laying low after being on the frickin' road for 2 months was exactly what we needed. We get to take in our surroundings. The bobcat that stalks the back fence by the garage/loft we're staying in, the 2 cats and a dog that we've become BFFs with, the grass, the sun....mmmm.

And if the Universe couldn't get any better we've even made money while we've been here!! Ka-ching! I mean, we worked for it...pretty damn hard too, but it was a win-win. They got cleaner houses, we got money for gas and food. That's all we really need. I mean, we can figure out ways to get all the other 'luxury' stuff like plates, forks, napkins...they keep those things out at the grocery stores for the buffet stuff...why buy the package in the aisle when it's sitting there screaming to be used. :) LOL. Some of you are thinking, "OMG, my girls are stealing plastic dinner ware from grocery stores." HAHA sure are! It's not like we're not buying food there or anything...I mean, we've got a Safeway card now! We get discounts all the time now. We saved like $9 the other day.

We haven't seen the city yet, and we may not. I guess you'll find out in our next post whether we checked it out or not cuz we're headed to Calgary baby! Again, the Universe wants us elsewhere. Who are we to argue? And besides, there's a medium Ice Cap with my name on it. Who's buyin'?

Canada here we come!! Can't wait for Tim Horton's!!! Oh I can't wait!


  1. Lol, hot Canadian girls jumping on trampolines.

    Hmm, I sense a subscription site coming...

  2. Where the heck are the catwalk videos, especially the one of Gandolf, and then Kelly as the side act to Gandolf?

  3. they'll be on youtube soon jess! it's our 'sexytime' video! lol