Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Afternoon in Wine Country

The phone rang at 9:55. "Are you guys up yet? You're still going to be here at 11 right?" Thank god for Keith! lol

WHAT!?! haha.....

I honestly don't think Katie and I have ever gotten ready that fast! Maybe it was the prospect of wine...after a night of drinking....or maybe the thought of being out of the city for a day? Either way we were excited to go to Sonoma with Keith and Mari!

We went to a few wineries before we even tasted anything. At Bartholemew Winery we stopped to have a picnic and a nap! What a glorious day it was too! Wine country is absolutely gorgeous; the weather the vinyards, the peace of more nature than concrete! It was exactly what I needed to cure my hangover. Some FRESH AIR!!!

And then we went to Buena Vista Winery. Quinn, our conesour, was awesome! He worked us pretty good with all his knowledge of wine and what they go best with. And if there weren't already enough to taste on the list already I think he poured us 3 more on top of that. Keith and I were getting pretty giggly! I love a glass of wine! As you can see...
Moi, on the other hand could not even smell the wine without feeling a little naseous. I think Keith thought I was gonna puke the whole morning. lol

We toured the Sonoma Square and had lost of free samples of cheese, fudge, deserts and even saw where Keith and Mari got married! Awe... Off to Chateaux St.Jean for a wine tasting far less interesting, far less elaborate and far less entertaining! Quinn, you need to be duplicatable!

We headed back into Oakland for free dinner at a new place in town. No really I said FREE! They put out all sorts of appetizers for a few hours and all you have to do is buy a drink or many in return. Good food too!

Now of all the random things that happen I would have never expected to run into someone I knew in Australia on a random sidewalk in CA. Garett was at University of Sunshine Coast when I was and he lived with some of my friends. Although I was chasing after him calling him John he recognized me from somewhere! So I mixed up the names! At least John was his roomates name.
Him and his two friends Mike and Matt were visiting for a few days. They really liked it out here, but what's not to like when your commute into NYC everyday is 2 hours both ways. I think that should be a crime! Very cool guys. I don't know why I ran into them, but I don't's always good to run into friends in the least expected places!

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