Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hello Foto!

Katie and I always joke about our 'continuous' setting on our camera about photo shoots...we actually got to be in one this time! I did more tasks actually. I held the toilet paper for Chantelle, got her different shirts, and took video. The people behind the scenes are just as important! :)

Chantelle and Hoan were doing a photo shoot for their music website. Anthony Kearns was the photographer. It was pretty sweet watching the whole process go down. I mean, photographers are really good at what they do, but somewhere I feel we're all photographers at some degree.

Anthony got some really cool shots even after his camera decided to bail out on him :( Didn't matter though, he got the job done and it was awesome!

Here's some pics from my perspective...

And it wouldn't be a photo shoot with out some goofy video...Hoan is always good for that!

To celebrate we hit up St.Francis for some sammies and malts! And a Rick Roll isn't always bad either! Sickest prank calls I've ever seen! Check 'em out @

Stay tuned for our photoshoot soon! ''It's sexytime!''

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