Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gregory turns 23!

So our first couple days in Calgary weren't too exciting. Probably due to the fact that Greg went home for the weekend as soon as we got there. Not that we're complaining. We enjoyed time alone and of course the freedom of doing nothing or something at any time. But I must say as soon as Greg returned there was much more happening and definitely a lot more excitement in our slow-moving lives of the previous couple of days. He will be quite happy that I'm writing this and I know that he's reading this and thinking that exact thing. Hi Greg!

The days leading up to Greg's birthday were not as crazy as THE day, but fun none the less. We bantered at each other, hung out, had some drinks, and wings @ Watchman's...oh wing sauce, and of course played lots of MAD GAB, which is the easiest and hardest game to play all at the same time!

Now, I would like to think I am pretty good at MAD GAB and fairly quick to get the answer. But for some reason Greg and I could not solve this phrase: Are Eight Ease Pails Rat. Now if you've never played here is what you do. The series of words given sounds like a phrase, person, item, or anything that is actually real. For example, Egg Ranch Howled, doesn't really make sense. But the answer is A Grandchild. Say it loud, sometimes really fast, or even in the voice of Borat and you will become a pro! lol. Greg will tell you that he gets better with a few drinks, but Blazing Saddles (me) wooped Rhino Thunder's (Greg) butt in our first round. My trick...the Borat voice...sometimes you just need an accent to hear something that makes sense. Soon you figure out how to split up certain words and emphasize certain syllables. Anywaaayyys, the Are Eight Ease Pails Rat phrase took Greg and I about 8 minutes to figure out. Well actually I figured it out. Greg clearly needs to work on his skills. lol. He's not just a pretty face but sometimes it doesn't hurt to have one. JOKING!! lol. We will give you the answer at the end of this post, so if you want time to figure it out we won't ruin it by putting it up right now. :)

Greg's birthday started off fairly normal. We baked him a cake, which he saw when he came home for lunch. (Surprise ruined!!) Greg then made us dinner, even though it was his birthday. He insisted and I wasn't gonna say no! lol. And it was delicious! Jarod joined us for some dins and then we started another round of MAD GAB with Maggie who had come early for the celebrations.

The noise level and fun level escalated quickly as MAD GAB and Jenga became intertwined with a few drinks. The cake went down quickly, drinks were enjoyed and then out came the DOWNTOWN MAGNETAWAN t-shirts! Ok. I talked about odds...

1) 6 out of 9 of us went to Brock University
2) 3 out of 9 of us were all from Leamington...I just had to say that
3) This is pretty big....5 out of 9 of us have been or go regularly to Magnetawan!

So only fitting that we throw on our DTM t's and take a picture.

Katie and I have a cottage, Maggie used to go to girls camp there every summer, Greg and Julie have a friend with a cottage up there...somehow, the Mag always connects us with someone! As per usual...people feel left out when we all throw on our DTM shirts...Mark (in the blue shirt) has never been. You can't blame a guy for wanting to put that shirt on and be tres cool! Oh but I did! lol. It was all good that he had it on though, because it's literally the coolest place ever. But I strongly stated that he was a fraud and a fake and had no sincere respect and appreciation for Magnetawan therefore no right to wear it. haha Yes, I went a little overboard but tradition is tradition. As any 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation Staudt, Herhaldt, Fisher, Mullen and Horvath will tell you...If you've never been to the Mag you can't wear the shirt! But no worries Mark, I'll let it slide this time!
We then took the party to the bar, the Roadhouse, where dancing, singing and drinking continued. There was even some of our own versions of karaoke and we got to witness Nicole's party tricks -> see pics! It was an evening that ranks fairly high on my partying experiences thus far on the trip. Thanks Greg, for turning 23! And thanks again to Greg for letting us crash at his place when we barely had an actual conversation before that week. lol. We'll be back soon! :D

Answer to Are Eight Ease Pails Rat is R-A-T spells Rat. Like how did it take you guys 8 mins to figure that out! Duh! :)


  1. I can't believe the Magnetawan shirts that is just too funny. I was sitting here looking and thinking they were all from there but thought now way until I continued reading.!!!

  2. Lol, "joined us for some dins, tee hee