Friday, April 17, 2009

The 'Gary'

Easter weekend was, well, Easter weekend! We went out with Greg's friend Amy and her friend Lauren for some drinks. Of course being the Goddesses we are, we attracted a handful of guys. Good looking guys who had a limo. That sounded appealing until the one guy (the only guy who seemed to have any kind of head on his shoulders) told us that one of his buddies actually bought the limo. Yeah, I wasn't very impressed. I think he was shocked when I said that. But really, I don't want someone that has a limo. Now if someone has a driver, then we can talk. lol. So me being curious, I asked if they were starting a business and he said, "No, they just bought a limo for going out and stuff." Who buys a friggin limo just to go out in?! Needless to say, Katie and I passed on the limo and the Barbe-friggin-Q and headed home. We found out later, there was no BBQ.... Inutition-1, Silly Boys and their Egos-0. My first clue there was no BBQ..."What are you guys serving at the BBQ?" "Uuhhh hjdiksahlf uuhhh njfih duh!" Yeah, thanks but no thanks.

Sunday and Monday were super lazy days. The original plan was for me, Katie and our cousin Kenny to have Easter dinner together, but that didn't work out and we ended up meeting up with him for a few hours on Monday instead.
Kenny's involved with a company called World Financial Group which is actually really cool. We checked out an overview during the week. The jist of need financial help, are looking to save money, would like to know more about creating tax advantages, are interested in starting up a business...this is a group to check out!

The overview was cool, but let me ask you this? What are the odds that you're going to get 4 people in the same room from the same hometown on the other side of the country in Calgary on a random Wednesday evening? Apparently REALLY good! Wait...the crazy part...3 of us went to elementary school together. I'm beginning to think that the odds are more in your favour than not...the Universe has been amazingly abundant. We hung out with Jared Bailey, a Mount Carmel alum, for a couple drinks and caught up on life since. We made up for 10 years in about 2 hours! lol. But it was nice to see a familiar face.

KENNY....PASS THE TEST!!! There's going to be people looking for you soon!

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