Saturday, April 11, 2009

O Canada, Our Home and Native Land...

Well, things are very random these days. We were in Seattle one day and in Canada the next. The decision to leave Seattle on Thursday was so last minute and spur of the moment, but absolutely perfect!

I mean, heading to Calgary for Easter was our initial thought which then turned into staying at a friend of Katie's while he's back in Ontario for the weekend and making a week out of it before we get a little more settled in Vancouver!

The drive up to Calgary was a long one. The border in Bellingham is WAY different than the border at Detroit! The lady in the booth played '21 Questions' with us, but she was cool and we were having fun with her. She thought we were hilarious and sent us immediately to stock up at the nearest Tim Horton's! She must be psychic!!!!

For those of you who don't know what Tim Horton's is, you must come to Canada just to check it out. Well, realistically, there's much more to see in Canada, but you'll find it difficult to go anywhere in Canada without seeing a Tim's or several in one town. Tim Horton's is a coffee shop, but it's sooo much more than that. You can get anything from bagels, donuts, sandwiches, coffees, Ice Caps!, cakes....and it's so damn good to boot!!! 'Always Fresh, Always Tim Horton's'! OOO and every spring they have a 'Roll Up the Rim To Win' contest where you can win crazy stuff like cars, cash, TVs BBQs...or free coffees, which is what I usually end up with! It's perfect!

We crossed from BC into Alberta probably around 8ish am on Friday morning. It's an absolutely amazing drive through the Rockies. We missed a lot of it driving through the night before, but we're headed back the same way so we'll have ample opportunity to bask in the mountain beauty again. Banff and Lake Louise are also on our things to stop and see on the way out. We had one thing on our mind that morning. Getting to where we were staying so we could get out of the car!

We surprised our cousin Shannon first. She came out for lunch with us and we got to catch up. Ya know, 'girl talk'! She's been out in Calgary for almost 3 years and loves it. It's very cool to see what she gets up to out here! Then we grabbed Katie's friend Greg from work and he showed us around his apartment, and parts of the downtown that we may be interested a brewery.

So here we are in Calgary. Apartment sitting and making the most of the lack of fast internet and of our time to readjust to Canadian pace of living. I didn't realize how 'Americanized' I had become...especially as a driver!!!! It's nice to bring it down a notch.

This is a bit of a turning point in our journey. Our family got to see our friends, all those crazy people we always rave about and now our friends get to see our family, all the other crazy people we always rave about! What a way to keep connected!

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  1. OMG, laughed by butt off when you guys were at the Tim Horton's. That's what I call a great commercial!!

    Mom xoxox