Sunday, April 5, 2009


Drive to Carlsbad from Arizona - 5 hours
Time spent watching AI with the Musselman's - 2 hours
Listening to Isabel talk,..and talk and talk.. - indefinite
Watching Mickey flail his arms and legs in the air while in a lay-z-boy - PRICELESS

Time Kelly spent on her ass in a seminar writing notes - 50 hours
Time Katie spent sleeping in - 11hours
Amount of time gathering everyone for the bar - 5 minutes
Hanging out with Peak friends and family, having a few drinks after a long day - PRICELESS

Wine tours in Sonoma - Free
Eating good food at a new restaurant - Free
Ice Cream from Safeway - Free
Listening to Mari's reasons why her words in Scategories are right and watching Keith just shake his head, and then Mari giving herself the point anyways - PRICELESS

Amount of orange juice brought to pre-drink at Dan's place - half a jug
Amount of Vodka to mix with O.J. - way too much
Amount of texts it took to get Dan to the Lexington - 5
Doing the 'Dan Martell' anywhere, everywhere, and all the time - PRICELESS

Percentage of time Chantelle, Hoan, Katie and Kelly were tech nerds - 75%
Percentage of time Hoan talked about the SlapChop - 50%
Percentage of time Chantelle got distracted from her work - 30%
Watching the Sneezing Panda over and over again - PRICELESS

Thanks to all our friends and family we've seen this past month. You've made California memorable! And interesting!

Katie and Kelly

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