Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of course, the day we leave is the day you get engaged?!

Friday started off fairly tame with a visit to our cousin Shannon at her work. She works for a company called Haworth which specializes in 'adaptable workspace solutions'. In simpler terms, they create work spaces for offices that are economically and environmetally friendly, and the best part, moveable! So all the walls can be moved throughout the office at anytime, and you could create a whole new environment for working. I am not making it sound as exciting as it is..but believe me, it's really cool! It is really cool. You can customize your workspace aesthetic to exactly what you want to represent. Like they've got custom made glass pannels, everything is adjustable and rearrangable (is that a word?). I think this would be awesome for houses too! Just put up a basic foundation and outer shell and recreate the inside as often as you want! Especially for lofts...geez...I wonder if they do 'home spaces'? I'd be in...when I get a home that isn't our car. Not having to tear down drywall and put it back up to give the office a new look? Ya, think of how much less $, labour, waste... Just check out the website and see for yourself.

So, earlier this week we found out Shannie was engaged. Just hours after we saw her I'm assuming. Such strange timing! Congrats Shan!

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