Sunday, March 29, 2009

SF...The Mission and Dan 'Decanter'

We've gotta give a shout out to Chantelle...she's a rockstar for letting us stay with her ALL week! She's been busting her butt all week to get her blog transferred over and everything back online and she needed a break, even though she didn't want to take one. Katie and I peeled her from her 'almost finished' (which is never really the case) blog and went out. "Chantelle, I think you need to get away from your computer." lol. It was easier than I thought.

Our friend Dan lives in the Mission, which is an interesting place...just like the rest of SF. Little Mexico to say the least, but he's got a sick place and some awesome friends. What started out as a few drinks obviously turned into a night out. Dragged Chantelle out, dragged Dan away from his 'biz dev' stuff and hit up the town. The vodka went down smooth and it wasn't too long till Bon Qui Qui was out and I was raging!

This is how Katie gets someone to meet her at the bar:

Text 1 of 5: Dan Martell i'm gonna come hunt you down if you don't come out tonight. that's a promise and a threat. Love katie.

It sounds rude, but the "Love katie" part always smooths things over. And it worked! lol. Sometimes you have to be aggressive....or sound psychotic.

Brittney- Dan's roommate, super cool chick
Ethan- Dan's biz partner, rockstar, super cool for seeing an opportunity to hang out with some awesome CDN gals and taking it! We heart Ethan!
The Lexington - Lesbian Bar. I got yelled at for yelling...?
Bruno's - Non-lesbian Bar where I pretended to be a lesbian (I don't think I was very convincing). And creepy men thinking they had a chance with 4 hot girls. Gross!

The Lexington...where to's a lesbian bar and that's about all I know to say. No different, there's still a bar, drinks, loud music...just no men's room! However, we did run into quite a few straight men there. Ryan was from South Africa, also visiting a friend in SF, Adam, and also on a roadtrip.

If this blog seems very random that's because it's a reflection of the night... :) hahahaha exactly!

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