Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man in a loin cloth???

It's really not hard to love California. Driving up Hwy 1 along the coast is an amazing journey that should be done at least once in a lifetime. I'll speak from my experience. It's just like being on the Great Ocean Road in Australia. Granted there aren't as many giant rock formations, but the atmosphere, the lack of civilization, the cliffs, mountains an ocean. Just amazing.

So we left Marina Del Rey to take Pops to the airport so he could fly back home to beautiful Detroit...gag...I do appreciate Detroit, but compared to Cali sun....??? Really? There is no comparison! We headed through Topanga, Malibu, Santa Barbara....all absolutely gorgeous in their own individual ways. At one point our roof rack flew off, and we almost lost all our camping gear, but thankfully we were able to catch it in time! lol

Along the highway we stopped for a little bit to take in some of natures wonders in the form of dolphins. There must have been like 15 of them just swimming up the coast! It was awesome! Just outside of where we were going to camp there was an elephant seal colony. Talk about taking in mother nature.

We camped on a bluff overlooking the ocean. It was amazing. Much warmer than Sedona, but quite foggy. Levi, the wanderer he is, found some people for us to hang out with. We headed down to their site just after dark to find a guy standing infront of the fire with a loin cloth on??? A paper bag loin cloth! All I heard in my ear was Katie saying, "That guy is naked. Why is that guy naked? WTF?" We didn't really care, but everyone else was fully clothed!? It's a decent question to ask.

Adam, Nicola, Mike and Adam are all on spring break from uni in Flagstaff, AZ. It turns out that Mike and Adam were a little too close to the water, got soaked and decided to swim in their clothes. Mike had spare clothes with him. Adam did too, he just didn't remember until after we got there! I think deep down, every guy wants to run around in a loin cloth! They were cool. They had to be....they were driving a Buick Lesabre!

Our campsite was in Big Sur, which isn't a town or a park, it's just Big Sur apparently. Anyhow, it was sick. The beaches were awesome, from sandy to rocky, sunny and warm. We didn't realize that we were closer than we thought to San Fran. Could have soaked up a few more rays down there!

Kept working our way up the coast through Monterey and Santa Cruz. Checked out the wharf in Santa Cruz. Ran into a sealion colony. These guys are so cool! From there we weren't far from San Fran, but we opted to spend another night camping. This time in Half Moon Bay, on a bluff in wicked cold winds. Far less comfortable than Big Sur, much less sleep, much grumpier Kelly and Katie :) I think we were more pissed that we couldn't get the damn fire started! Even Levi was having trouble!

The next day I was eager to get out of the cold and wind! So we didn't waste too much time heading out. After a stellar breaky of hotdogs, lol, we headed to San Fran, which didn't take us long at all!

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