Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giant Gaping Hole

The Grand Canyon! What an awesome wonder! We spent the entire day looking at this giant hole in the ground and couldn’t get enough. It seemed odd that it was having such an affect on us, but it was unreal. It actually didn’t even look real. It looked like a painting or a picture or something. It was all so still, so solid. Everywhere you look there's something amazing to look at. The size alone was enough of a sight, but the layers and depth of the Grand Canyon was quite interesting. We discovered something new at every view point. It was quite intriguing and actually very peaceful. No street cars, bustling people, or tall buildings, just nature and good energy! It was pretty wild standing at the rim of this giant hole. Seeing cars driving along the road and realizing that you could put millions and millions and millions of them in the canyon! It's size is just unfathomable!

And the good energy must have stayed with us throughout the day because we met lots of very nice people, many who took our picture for us. There was one lookout where Katie and I became every one else's photographers! It was a lot of fun because most people just get the generic snapshot, but Katie and I actually moved around, took pics from different angles and gave people a K&K Grand Canyon experience. LOL. I really do think that our picture taking etiquette added a tremendous amount of fun and excitement to their day! They'll never forget us! And lots of CANADIANS!!! It was nice to see and talk to people from home. Canadians are the best because they’re always so friendly and willing to chat with you for as long as you’d like. Whenever I see a fellow Canadian I’m so excited because there’s no place like Canada. It may also be the fact that I miss it. I didn’t think I would but the atmosphere and the people are unlike any other! Ya, there was a couple from Ontario, family from Quebec, a handful of people from BC. I hope that couple from Vancouver Island took advantage of the Red Rock pass I passed on to them...Sedona was calling their names! Well her name at least! lol.

Our drive home was quite fun. Just like the first time we went through Flagstaff, we cranked the oldies Hip Hop and R&B channel. It’s the best channel, I swear! And we also enjoyed our new Hello Kitty watch that Kel got in her Kid’s Meal at McDonald’s. It is now a permanent fixture in our car. YA! lol.

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