Sunday, March 15, 2009

THE PRICE IS RIGHT!....or not!?...

Monday. Price is Right day. Stoked!! Made shirts and everything. Got to the CBS studios at 9:30am for the 1:00pm show. Kel and I are told we're prolly not going to get into the early show and to come back for the 4:00pm show. We get tickets ahead of time then go hang out in Borders for awhile and come back at 12:15pm. Wait in line for 2 more hours and finally get called! YES!!! We're going in! Numbers 261 and 262. Extrememly excited, thinking we've actually made it on the show, they CUT numbers 200 and above! They're full!! #(&$*(&F(*#&)*!!! Well, that sucks! lol. I'm upset, but hey, we can always come back anytime! Kelly, the person that she is, decides the fat lady hasn't sung yet and she's waiting. By this time it's about 2:45pm. Time passes and passes. The people that are going in seem to be taunting us with their excitement even though they're just truly happy to be going. But as we wait on the sidelines and stare in their direction we're seriously wishing we could switch places!! To sum it up, we sat around till about 3:30pm, based on Kel's gut feeling that we shouldn't leave yet. Dude! When I get a feeling I go with it! 'Something' was telling me to stay put!!! I didn't know whether to chat up the blonde guy letting people in, beg someone who lived in Cali to switch places with us...I was about ready to do whatever I felt needed to be done...and then the feeling passed and... we Never got in. So, we headed to the nearest mall instead. Shopping always makes me feel better, especially Forever 21. And while shopping we got interviewed by a British Television program! lol. If anyone gets MGTV look for us! So,we didn't exactly get on the show we wanted, but we got something!! The universe is perfect! They were actually searching for people and Katie and I were the only two around! They were looking for American girls, but she said that British people wouldn't know the difference that we were Canadian. It was super fun! Oh and the Cheesecake Factory is the shit!

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