Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Name So Nice You Say It Twice!

After being in the Grand Canyon it was nice to get back into the Phoenix heat. It's kind of one of those things where it's good for a while, but a break is always nice. I was so happy to be back in the heat. When you're sick and walking around in cold weather all day, you kind of feel like you'll never get better. Thankfully, when I got back AZ I started to healthy up! This time we were staying with Ravi. He's got a cool little condo and he was more than hospitable! Can't say the same for his cats Grisham and Topher. Well at least in the beginning. I think they've got some sort of aversion to females; they aren't happy unless there are equal or more males than females in the house. That's my theory anyway!

The first night we rented movies. I don't know if Ravi has seen anybody so excited to rent a cartoon as Katie was when she found Madagascar 2! Kid at heart, there's no better way to be. Then I got super excited too! This obsession with seeing the movie began in Aurora (Shout out to the boys!) with the song "Big and Chunky". (You can hear the song on this page, it's like the 2nd or 3rd on our playlist) We so thought it was some sick rap song that the guys were singing and to be honest I was kinda turned off until they told us it was from the movie. When you find out guys are as into watching crazy animated movies as you are, your perspective shifts! They had moves and everything. So we've been waiting to watch this movie since then!!!! FINALLY! OMG! Moto-Moto; the name so nice you say it twice! LOL! Just thinking about it makes me smiley and giddy. This hippo has got it goin on! Well, he could use a little work in a few departments, but he's a ladies man and he's hunky! And the funniest part of the whole entire story is that the guys had the moves bang on with the movie. It was actually kind of scary how alike they really were! I really think that song could be on the hit list! It's that catchy! I like em big, I like em chunky! I like em round, I like em plumpy! CHUNKY!! Could everyone please download this's hilarious and so addictive. I'm so grateful the boys introduced us to it! It has officially became one of our roadtrip anthems.

Saturday, Katie and I spent the entire morning cleaning out the car. We took EVERYTHING, which is a heck of a lot, out of the car and vaccuumed it and made it all pretty and then decided we didn't want to organize it just yet and chucked everything back into it and continued on with our day. I don't really remember what we did in the afternoon, but we went to South Mountain to watch the sunset. That was sweet. Nice view of the city, quiet, open and beautiful. We were all pretty giddy and goofy. Just being ourselves I guess! Scared other people away from us. I think they thought we were high! High on life! haha! lol....nerd! There was some girl putting together her modelling portfolio so she was romping around in a bikini....Katie and I were both a little confused. Even we didn't think it was that warm...and then we found out she was doing a photo shoot!

So after the oh so romantic sunset we made a kickass diner. Garlic may have been the main ingredient! We had a really late 9pm! So we pretty much ate and ran cuz we were going out in Scottsdale or snotsdale as everyone down there calls it. Scottsdale is the higher end part of the area, lots of money and the societal stuff goes along with that. The downtown scene is a mix of pub style chill places to all out high scale dance bars. We went to a place called Suede. It was cool. Smaller and crowded, but I had a blast! To be honest I didn't really feel the whole snooty vibe like everyone said I would. I think part of that had to do with the fact that I didn't give a shit because they weren't going to make or break my night, but also the fact that you attract what you think. So if you're thinking you're going to run into snooty peeps you likely will. I just thought I was going to run into people looking for a good night out and I did. There were a few gals I could have slapped upside the head, but meh, that would have required me to put down my beer. The ride home from the bar was great as was our little after party at which I thought I was in my own photo shoot. Apparently the girl at South Mountain inspired me! :P Maybe that was because I was yelling at you to pose and snapping your pic? I even got on the ground for you. I love after bar randomness! And dance parties! Oh Bon Qui-Qui! I've missed you! Okay, if you don't understand what Kel is referring to just watch our videos.

Sunday was a really chill day. Ravi treated us to massages!!! Thanks Ravi! We were stoked. I was even more happy when I saw a hot guy come my way. I wasn't sure at first if he was my masseuse, but oh yes, he was! lol. That was a nice bonus! I'm a hot guy magnet!!! hah! It works for everything, not just money. We then hit up Cold Stone for some ice cream. My best creation yet I think. Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and grahm cracker crumbs! mmmm... Ravi's new roomie Jon moved in and we watched Eagle Eye. Another good movie. Kinda creepy! Monday we had our date with Stacey. Even though we'd only been away from her for a few days it was like we hadn't seen each other in years! We went out and had a girls lunch at BJs which has this wicked 'patookie'? It's a freshed baked huge cookie with icecream on top....No wonder my ass is the size it is! We had great girl talk and we got to see the kids and Grant again. And of course Tessa our Queen Creek Chiauau! Grant's Canadian business partner was down so more canucks to hang out with. They are everywhere! woohoo! Canada rocks! We went to the kids music program and rocked out in the minivan on the way back to our car. It was sweet!

Arizona is SWEET!!

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