Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Learning A Lot

This trip has been a trip. Really, in so many senses of the word. There have been highs and there have been lows physically, mentally and spiritually. 'Lost on Purpose' has a double meaning really. Losing ourselves to find out who we really are, but also being lost IN our purpose; following what it is that we feel our purpose is right now.

I didn't realize how true this has been for myself until getting into San Francisco. For me being in SF has been a high and a low.

It could be because I'm on my last chunk of money and I'm torn between making decisions on how to save and make wise spending choices, and it could also be that I feel disconnected from myself. Or maybe I'm really seeing who I really am and what's getting in the way. Even setting aside time to write has been a challenge, but it's something I'm committed to doing so I do it. And in writing I don't feel such a sense of disarray or frustration.

I don't know, maybe losing yourself is the best way to find yourself. But I'm beginning to believe that trusting that the 'you' that you are is enough and is already perfect is the lesson. Haha, I'm also beginning to see that I don't NEED to travel to know that, to be happy or to be fulfilled; it's a choice.

Writing is my solace. It's the place where I clear my mind and see what really is there. And although there are frustrations I am very grateful to be doing what I love. Travelling and writing, meeting new people and spending quality time with great friends. I really couldn't be in a better place right now! It's perfect, creative, fun...did I mention creative?!

Learning a lot...hmmm. Kel just has spurts where she feels the urge to write and it's usually on her own blog, but this time it's on here. Obviously because it pertains to us and our trip. So even though I'm a little caught off guard I'm gonna write something. lol.

What I've learned so far.....

Well, the biggest lesson for me is remembering to live in the moment. Surprisingly, I'm pretty good at it! lol. Especially when you're on an indefinite roadtrip. You have all the time in the world and it's up to you what you do with it. At times Kel and I won't know what we're gonna do in a month, a week, or even the next day. I mean we have a vague idea, and that's ok. Kel seems to have a little more trouble with this than I do being the planner that she is, but I've realized that there's nothing like the present.

No matter what, nothing's gonna change the past, and the future is always unclear anyways, so why worry or fret about the little things that usually work out anyways. If you're not living in the moment, you're letting life pass you by. It totally sounds corny, but it's TRUE! And sometimes corny works.

Anyways, just don't worry about the crap that hasn't even happened yet and get over all the shit that already did. Be grateful for what you have NOW and soak up every minute of it. You're still alive, you're still breathing, you have people that love you, and you're reading this blog!! :) And we appreciate you!

To go along with Kelly's post...once you start to tear away all the worries and concerns and actually start to live in the moment, you'll start to realize what you want for yourself. And once you get that it's pretty easy to find your passion and purpose. And then you can get lost on purpose like us!

Ok, I think I'm done. There's other stuff that I've learned, but these are the best ones. lol. Enjoy!
There's a lot of stuff that we've learned together too. Like a big one for us is that there's a tonne of abundance in the world. For us it's shown up in people opening their doors, their hearts...their fridges. :) But it's also that even with the little bit of our lives we have with us in our car, that's sometimes too much, where at home it wouldn't be enough! It's also put into perspective how good we really have it in this part of the world. Simple simple things like a bed, a kitchen table, a fridge stocked full of food, a TV you don't really even need when the world is at your doorstep, a shower....utensils?! You really don't need much to live...but those things sure are comforting! Even a home to come home to and a Mom who welcomes you.

The one thing that we've appreciated most is walking up to the doors of our friends homes knowing that we're welcome. When was the last time you walked up your front steps and appreciated everything that lies beyond that door? It's funny because everyone has been so accommodating to make sure we have everything we need and often times, just opening the door and having a bed, a shower and a kitchen to cook things in is all we ever expect!

When you have little or no expectations, the Universe shows you what you need to see, what you've been choosing not to see and what is really there...abundance, joy and love.

K, enough about that....stay tuned for our San Fran adventures!

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