Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Day in L.A.

So, continuing our journey in LA was quite interesting. After we picked up Dad from the airport there was a lot of arguing and bickering!...mostly about what we were gonna do for the next couple days, and how we were going to organize the car now that we had even more stuff!! It didn't help that Dad felt claustrophobic and Kelly and I were about to ring his and each other's throats. BUT we all made it out alive after deciding we were just going to get a hotel that night and relax and make decisions tomorrow. It was the best decision we could make. So we watched Twilight AGAIN! haha Dad hadn't seen it and we weren't going to argue with that! He fell asleep and missed the whole middle part of the story, but it did not go wasted! I planned for the next day and Kelly, well I'm not sure what she did. All I know is she went and retrieved Dad some milk. lol. And peanut M&M' necessities!

Sunday was a fun day! We went cruising around L.A. and saw all the tourist stuff there is to offer. It was great! We headed through Beverly Hills and then made our way to West Hollywood and then Santa Monica. By the way, almost everyone in the area drives a Range Rover! Or a Mercedes or BMW, ya know, just the usual. But really, everyone out here drives nice cars...just like the Century! haha.

First we drove down Rodeo Dr. It was cool, I guess. lol. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing all the designer stores and it was weird to be surrounded by shops that had multiple security guards and hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of high fashion merchandise in them....and beautiful clothing and accessories worn by the stars, created by famous designers. I just thought it would be more exciting!! But it's really just a road with shops on it. lol We then hit up Sunset Strip. Tried to find the Viper room and all the nightclubs. Unfortunately we did not succeed, we think we turned the wrong way. Oh well! hah!

Hollywood Blvd was our next stop. We went down the Walk of Fame and saw all the stars of the celebrities. It was really cool! There's so many though it would take all day to see them all! We also went to the Kodak theatre where the Oscars are held and American Idol. It's actually in a mall. Kinda strange. lol. And after that we went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and saw all the hand prints and footprints of the stars! That was awesome! And I put my hand in Johnny Depp's hand prints...and fell in love! haha. Not really, I wish! But that was my highlight! I love him. Along Hollywood Blvd there are people dressed as characters from movies or just famous people in general. There were about 3 Jack Sparrows (none of them were quite good enough for me. lol), a Barack Obama, Marylin Monroe, Batman, and lots more!! The creepiest though was the guy dressed as the Joker! Yes, a Heath Ledger/Joker remake. Looked just like him! He was pretty cool, but very creepy. Especially when he said 'Hello Ladies.' to Kel and I in that freaky ass voice! I got chills, that's all I'm sayin. See I dunno. I kinda liked when he said that! Not sure what that means! lol. We also saw Jamie Kennedy driving around in his convertible. If you don't know who he is Google him. Nothing special, but he's an actor. lol.

After our adventures we headed up the Hollywood hills. Not too much around, just a nice view of L.A. and of course a close view of the HOLLYWOOD sign. Had to see it, it was a must! Cruising around Mulholland Drive wasn't bad either. There were some really nice houses, some were completely glass and you could see through them. LA is much more scenic than I expected. Yes there's lots of concrete, but it doesn't take long to find bits of nature, especially with the Hollywood Hills near by.

To end the day we hit up Santa Monica! B-e-a-utiful!! It's really nice and there's lots to do. We hung out on the pier most of the time. The Santa Monica pier apparently is featured in a whole bunch of movies and is a popular destination. I could see why! There's a small amusement park on it, and lots of restaurants. There are also many artists just hangin out trying to make some money, either by sculpting, painting, or singing. Even break dancing. The beach is also gorgeous, and of course there's a great sunset! It took a hell of a long time to set, but with Dad's persistence we stayed and watched. It was worth it!

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