Thursday, March 26, 2009

If You're Going to San Fran-cisco.... sure to wear some flowers in your hair...

San Francisco. It's a treat...just like the Rice-A-Roni commercials say! Driving in San Fran is a lot of fun! haha. The roads can get real steep so you're either giver'er up hill, worried if your car can handle it, or you're foot's on the break the whole time going down. And the views are amazing. You can be on some random suburb road and see the best views. They really are all over the city. So the city of hills has its advantages.

We spent the first 3 days in the area in Oakland with our friends Keith and Mari. They have an awesome house, right on the corner of their road. It's a bungalow. The best part about it is it's slightly slanted. So it's got lots of character, like most of the houses in the city. East Bay is pretty cool! Happy hour was awesome..we ate sushi again and then went to a nice place for some pizza and sandwiches...both times the same night at different places, and Berkeley...well let's just say, there's some peeps there who are just slightly out of the ordinary.

I knew Berkeley was known for being outspoken and a very pro-active community (to say the least) and I also knew it was hippy central in the late 60s early 70s. Today, for me, it felt a bit like being in Beverly Hills only with VERY different people. It's one of those places that has a reputation for being a certain way so the people there are living into the dream of hippy-dom and peace and love in an era where the message fits, just not in that context. It was very cool to be in an area with so much 'revolutionary' history though. To put myself back 40 years, into that time and place...that atmosphere...was pretty cool.

There's lots to see and do in Oakland like the cemetary with burial monuments the size of small houses, Piedmont Street and lots of little shops and parks to poke around in. Not to mention that Mari's Kitchen Wizard trainings are going to rock Oakland's kitchens! Just wanted to say thanks to Mari and Keith for making us some good home cooking! And thanks again for taking a break from your more interesting dishes to serve some meat and potatoe girls like ourselves. :)

Then there's the city...

San Francisco Bay is pretty sick. So many parks and wharves to check out, not to mention the Golden Gate Bridge. You saw the video! It's pretty cool to see it and then to see all the surfers. What can't you do in SF? That probably explains why people are out all the time. So many dogs, runners, bikers, roller skaters,'s just a great place to get out and get moving! Lots of hot men, and for you fellas there are many attractive women as well. Beautiful city all around. And I must say the Bay really is amazing! There's lots of people around, and the views are awesome. Lots to do and see.

Speaking of moving, we were told we needed to get our 'San Francisco legs' in gear. Driving isn't too bad, but walking sure would be a lot less stressful! And because the city is so small, it's pretty easy to get where you need to go...we opted for the cable car uphill... :)

There are so many little areas in the downtown. Market Street is like the main drag with entertainers and lots of shopping. The Art Museum is down there. Very cool!! Best one so far. China town is like never ending and then when it does end you're in little Italy! There was something new at every corner...including the homeless drunk guy who asked us if we were Diane and Linda and then said "Are you serious? Can I get a triple scoop cappuchino with that?" LOL! I guess even they need to work their mojo...

We are currently staying with another fellow Warrior, one of my Dad's tribe mates this time, Chantelle aka the Financially Free Musician. She lives in a cute little house just off Mullen St. How perfect! lol. The crazy thing is that the road's are extremely narrow and some very steep. Cars park on both sides and you can't really see when anyone is coming in your direction. And the roads are very confusing. Needless to say it took us awhile to figure out where the hell we were but we made it. Her and her roomate Hoan were very welcoming and it's been a blast here so far. Hoan's usually playing a guitar or thinking of pranks to play on people's phones. He's currently working on an application for the iPhone called iPrank. We've been listening to lots of farting noises. lol. It's coming out on April Fools, how appropriate. And Chantelle's always talking about something interesting, whether it's her business or her singing career. There's lots of creative energy and we even got a free mini-concert from the two of them. Very talented! And of course Hoan being a programmer and Chantelle, now an avid techy, we caught the computer bug! We're making the blog way better and having more fun with it. So stay tuned for lots more videos and fun stuff!

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  1. Could you tell us more about your money situation? How much you started with when you left, how much you planned for and how long that amount has actually lasted you? I've been curious about doing something like this myself, but I've always worried about the money aspect. Did you know most of the people you stayed with before hand or just random meet ups, etc.? What was the original road map like and how has that changed from the starting point, etc? haha, I have a million questions, but I think I can start you off with those.

    Thanks in advance,