Sunday, March 29, 2009

San Fran... Remembering the 90s

After our escape from Alcatraz we hopped back into 'Hollywood' and scouraged the city for one of the best TV shows ever...Full House! CUT IT OUT! I know!!!! Shoo-bee-do-bah-ba-da!! BANG BANG!

The house they used to film in no longer has a red door; it's painted black. That's a song...

And the house is on 1709 Broderick in case your in the area and want to have a peek.

We assumed that the house they filmed at was the same as the homes in the opening credits...wrong! So we toured around every park in the Pacific Heights and surrounding areas. We actually did look at Keith's map...his San Francisco figure out where each park was in the area and we did a loop to see if it was the park in the credits!

We found it! I was really hoping Uncle Jessie was gonna come out and show us around the city. lol. "If you were a chick whose the one guy you would sleep with?" "John Stamos!!" "Did we just become best friends?!" "YEP!".

After our little stroll down memory lane I needed to check out Haight and Ashbury. I mean, it's kind of like my affinity to check out Berkely...something about hippy 70s hot spots appeals to me! It was interesting, but I'm not entirely sure I'd spend a lot of time down there when there's so much to see.

BTW-San Fran is only like 7x7 miles's like a really small city, but it's so rich, so full, so damn fun!

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  1. Don't worry Katie, I totally watched.

    CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I watched Danny Tanner on the View the other day...he still looks the same.