Friday, March 6, 2009

California Dreamin'!

We departed Phoenix and hit the road to Cali! Katie was friggin pumped to get going! I LOVE Cali!! If I wasn't on this roadtrip I would be living there right now! There's always something to do! It's beautiful and I love the beach! Ahhh... We took the 3:10 to Yuma...I lie, that's a movie with Russel Crowe, but we did head through Yuma to get there! The highway we took runs right along the US/Mexico border. I've always wondered how they separated the two countries when there isn't water, like the Detroit River. I imagined a big fence and then kinda laughed thinking, "there's no way it's only a fence". And then I saw the big black fence!! lol. There really is a big black fence that runs along the highway and the border. There's tonnes of border patrol cars and lots of check points along the way. I don't know what they look for at these checkpoints, but I'm assuming us two white chicks didn't fit the profile and we made it through no probs. Drove through lots of mountains and stuff again and made it into San Diego around 6:30ish. We went through one area where there was sand dunes. It was quite strange. I love San Diego, it's a gorgeous place. There will be a day when I spend an extended amount of time maybe live there...who knows! haha.

But we were headed up to Carlsbad to crash with our next friends. Isabel and Mickey! Isabel was an Unstoppable Spirit with Katie and Mickey a Fierce Lightning with me! Warriors rock! A-HO! The funny part was that if we had more clear communication about where we were going to be and when, we could have hung out in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico at their condo with them!!! Next time! and there will be a next time! hehehe. That would have been amazing!!

Slightly, ok way more cold than Phoenix, us two Canadian girls were a little surprised by how chilly we were... Micky made fun of us, which he does really well. These two are quite the pair, never a dull moment! They are very entertaining actually. I enjoy their banter and quick sly remarks to one another. I think Isabel and Mickey are perfect for eachother! lol.

On Wednesday we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was sweet! Not as big as I thought though. We made it through the entire zoo with time to spare. They had lots of cool animals that we've never seen before like a jaguar (pronounced ya-gwar), lol.. mountain lions, indian alligators, pandas, and more. And we can't forget the anaconda..."double up special. ugh, double up, ugh, ugh." And lastly the big and chunky hippos! haha. For some reason, the zoo wasn't all we heard it was cracked up to be. I'm not sure if it was because it was the off season or because we had high expectations, but I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped to be. Even still, they have lots of different animals from around the world so there's lots to look at and enjoy! I guess maybe we were expecting huge enclosures and more 'natural' habitats like at zoos we've been to. No better or worse, just different!

Later that night we watched American Idol. Mickey's a fan, and we are now too...of ANUPE DOGG!!! He's the shit, and we think he's gonna win it all! I so called that he was going to get through with the wild card and then he blew me away with a true wild card! Nothing like changing the format of the show just so Anupe can win! LOL. I guess you know who I think is going to win! We shall see! hehehe :)

The rest of our time in Carlsbad was spent making Price Is Right t-shirts, hanging out with Isabel and watching Mickey do his exercises in his chair. He also gave us a preview of his dance moves! lol. Check out the video on youtube! haha. We also went to the beach for a couple hours and relaxed. Again, it was colder than we thought but the beach is beautiful! And it was refreshing to be near water again! We both love the ocean, and we didn't realize how much our yearning to be around it was. It felt awesome and we were more than content with that! We're definitely going to enjoy the west coast!

Today we left Carlsbad and headed up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) up to LA. We went through San Clemente which was absolutely beautiful!! And of course we headed up through Laguna and Newport as well. Good to see Laguna again. It hasn't changed much...or at all! haha. We stopped in Huntington Beach for lunch and we hung out for a bit. Huntington is very cool. The beach is huge! It's like the beaches you see in movies with the big peer and lots of people walking, biking, blading, surfing. There was so much going on. Lots of people watching, 'Hot guy on a skateboard?' Lots of hot guys on the coast!! Oh la la! After Huntington we headed up to LAX to pick up Dad. LAX is always ridiculous, our car is ridiculously full and with an extra person and extra luggage...ugh. That was interesting to say the very least! Quite comical if you ask me. Didn't take me long to get frustrated though, not having a plan and looking for a place to stay in friggin chaos! But I went to my happy place in the backseat next to the cooler, luggage, art what else is back there? lol. It wasn't long before I was laughing again though. Just watching how hairbrained and spacey we all can be when we're not grounded is very wonder people find us entertaining! And weird!

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